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Kickbike cup rapy

What is kickbiking? That is the mostly asked question to the people who are kicking. The answer is simple and all the people could think it themselves.

It depends on what kind of bike you use and what kind of goal you have when you step up on a bike.

If you want to start working out for a better shape

The kickbike is a great solution: people can start without any other sport experience, it’s easy to ride, and the hardness of the training you can self-decide by the speed. You can start kicking 12 km per hour, and then up to 30 when you are trained.

Just nice transports through a park

People who like walking through parks or alongside rivers, beaches, boulevards, etc.  could enjoy also the kickbike: it’s an easy to ride bike, you step on/off and steer very easy. Because of that it’s good transportation in busy places or big parks. So you are moving quicker through and can see more places in the same time as walking.

A simple exercise, good training

During kicking you use a lot of more muscles than you think. It’s an exercise for the whole body and the risks of injuries are lower than by running, because the impact of the foot on the ground is much lower, causing less tension on your joints. There are runners in the world who use the kickbike as training method and their PB time improves.


Will it be good also for me and my sport results?

Just try it for three weeks as a serious part of your training and be surprised by the physical results you get with a kickbike!

For example, if you normally run three or four times a week, an hour or even more, just take two of these trainings by kickbike, with the same duration, and try to get the same heartbeat you get when running.


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